Coolking is an ultra rare Hero in Little Space Heroes. He was the first hero to meet Cphakkerz. Currently level 8 he possesses a Blue Glow. Coolking was previously named Coolking888 but then was later called Coolking.

Special Feats[edit | edit source]

Coolking has won a Chrisdog Heroes Party and Silly Sunday event which resulted in a 60-day Premium Membership. He also won 2 Mimo Heroes Party events which resulted in another 60-day Membership. He was later seen in the LSH Blog.

Meeting Cphakkerz[edit | edit source]

When he first met Cphakkerz, it was in 2008. Another Hero named Roy was also seen. Cphakkerz was seen giving out balloons which had a blue starfish on it with a wink face. Cphakkerz and Roy were the only two heroes to have got the blue starfish balloon. It was later seen, on September 2010, that Chrisdog later earned the Blue Starfish Balloon along with Mimo.

Ban[edit | edit source]

On April 2011, Coolking got banned for a whole month which resulted in people confused. The blog later admitted that Coolking was banned because of the destruction.

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