Cphakkerz is a known Little Space Heroes Mod who is a Level 7. He is known for making Promo Codes. Cphakkerz was seen in the Little Space Heroes Blog as the creator of Promo Codes. Cphakkerz is also the creator of the event Silly Sunday. He is one of the rarest mods to meet, as he is rarely on. The last time someone confirmed Cphakkerz was on was in 2009, but was later found on January 2013, hanging around with Coolking and Atchoo.

Silly Sunday[edit | edit source]

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Silly Sunday is an event hosted by Cphakkerz. It commemorates the week passed by in Little Space Heroes. Silly Sunday is meant to be a silly day, where people get to meet other people from around the Little Space Heroes community. Following Cphakkerz, people can chat to new friends and play games with Cphakkerz.

Yumyum44 Promo Codes[edit | edit source]

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The Promo Codes were introduced to the Little Space Heroes community as a little celebration after all the work they've produced. Following that, Cphakkerz decided to make a mini program for all to use. Promo Codes= Codes that can give you bonus items, such as gear, you name it! You can find amazing and  cool prizes by Promo Codes, LSH for short loves to use and give user's a chance to use promo codes.

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