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What the Jungle Planet looks like in Space

Welcome to the Jungle! You'll go ape on this exotic planet full of mysteries.

The Jungle Planet is one of the various planets in Little Space Heroes. The Jungle Planet contains many plants as the name suggests, and ruins.

The Jungle Planet is home to the Community Garden, where Space Heroes can help pitch in to grow healthy food. There are also secrets and surprises to discover in the deepest parts of the jungle.

The ancient temple is full of mysteries and will have lots of puzzle games and activities for heroes to enjoy.

Community Garden

You can plant seeds you find in the galaxy and work with other heroes to grow plants.


Hereoes like to tell stories and play game

Jungle planet.png

s at the trees and campsite.

Inside Garden

There are two minigames in here. Bonsai Master and Worm Farm Mania.


It's been revealed that we will soon be able to explore the ancient temple.