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Kritterz are the pets in Little Space Heroes. There are many different kinds of Kritterz in Little Space Heroes. By pressing a button on the Toolbar, one may take their set Kritter on a walk.

Heroes can buy special food for Kritterz and feed them. The player journal shows that one day heroes will be able to train their pet Kritterz. Unlike other games Kritterz can go with their space heroes anywhere and play with them.

Here are the Kritterz so far but Space Heroes has said that many more Kritterz are coming. So far we have seen possible bird and octopus kritterz.


A player walking their Furbo

Astro - the dog

Purrbo - the cat

Pupki - the puppy


Rex - the dinosaur


Yoonie- the unicorn Jungimals

Snarly - the lion

Toot - the elephant

Tweeter - the toucan


Varnile - the pony

Roner - the alligator or crocodile

A members house with many Kritterz