Be sure to follow these rules while on chat. These rules are common sense, but be sure to view them before walking on chat for the first time, this will make your times on chat fun.

1. No obscene language, so no swearing, even if it is abbreviated. '%@&#' is bad.

2. No mature references. You don't want our future generation to be a bunch of crooks.

3. No spamming or talking in caps. THIS IS ANNOYING, AM I RIGHT?!?

4. No abusing emoticons. They might look pretty, but lag isn't.

5. Listen to the mods. They will notify they are moderators on their profiles.

6. Don't post random "rubbish". Your cat urinating might look neat, but you don't need to post it.

7. No posting links to other wikis other than the official Little Space Heroes wiki, Community Central, and this wiki.

8. If you were kickbanned by an admin, don't come back on another account.

9. No dating. If you really have to virtually kiss someone on chat, get a real gf/bf instead.

10. No saying false things about mods and editors, as this is unacceptable. "Colgatecity eats strawberries."

11. Don't start posting opinions that you know will start fights. You might like a group, not everyone will.

12. During chat-a-thons, stick to the topic. Yes, you may like Star Wars, all of us do, but stick to the topic!

13. Don't act like an idiot. This falls under calling someone a noob.

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