Universal Rules[edit source]

Rules that must be followed both when editing an article, and in the forums.

  1. Use common sense!
  2. Never share any personal information
  3. Do not talk about other wikis. You can only link to the official little space heroes wiki and here.
  4. Check your spelling before posting.
  5. No profanity (swearing).
  6. Don't capitalize every word you type in your article.
  7. No ban bypassing.

Rules for Creating a New Article[edit source]

  1. First, think to yourself. Is the article useful? Has the article already been made?
  2. All articles should be Little Space Heroes related.
  3. Don't write articles about yourself.
  4. Always add at least one applicable category to your page.
    Little Space heroes get a membership.jpg

Editing Rules[edit source]

  1. Only write in factual material. Don't make an edit just to say that you personally like a place or item.
  2. No vandalism.
  3. If a lot of vandalism is going on, contact an admin.
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