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The Toolbar is the blue bar at the bottom of the screen which allows players to preform various actions in Little Space Heroes.
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An older version of the Toolbar


These are basic phrases put together to by the people who work on Little Space Heroes. This is the only way to chat on Menu Chat mode.
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Emoticons, more commonly known as emotes, are faces and images used to express emotions.

There are also food emotions and grooming emotions. For a gallery of emoticons, click here.


There are four different actions: Dancing, waving, jumping and sitting. When you sit, you will sit in the direction you were facing. You can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to preform these:

^ is jump; V is sit, < is wave and > is dance.

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These are two features that can only be used while wearing a space suit. The Bubble Blaster allows you to shoot things with bubbles, and the Jet Pack allows you to fly.


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The Chatbox is located in the middle of the Toolbar. You can type things here, and press the arrow to say it. But because the arrow is hard to click, and because people prefer it, most people press Enter on their keyboards. If a word shows up in red, it cannot be said and attempting to send your message will result in the message not being sent.


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The pets button is a button that allows you to walk with your Glow or set Kritter, by pressing their respective buttons. Pressing their button while being walked will send them away until walked again.


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This button allows you to look at your Space Heroes Journal or read the Galactic Times.

Hero PadEdit

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This button will automatically take you to your house. Pretty simple.

Hero FriendsEdit

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Pressing this putton will open the Hero Friends list. Click on anyone to view their player card. The blue button shows friends, the red button shows ignored players, and the yellow button shows friend requests. Non-Members can have up to 50 friends, while Members can have a whopping 1000 friends.